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About Khalil Merhi

Build confidence, attract abundance and achieve your dreams

Khalil’s story is the story of a person who believes that how you feel and act far surpasses where you came from or what you have. His dreams of becoming a professional athlete and a humanitarian came true despite the challenging circumstances of his upbringing. His story is powerful example of the power of will and persistence.

Today, Khalil is an internationally renowned motivational speaker and personal lifestyle coach who is driven by his belief that anything is possible when we commit to our vision and pursue it with 100% passion. Khalil works with individuals, business professionals and communities to transform lives

You have the power to change your life, and the world around you

Our Services

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your personal lifestyle, a transformation in your business or a total overhaul of your life? With decades of experience consulting with individual, corporate and group clients, Khalil has mastered the art of transformation
Motivational Speaking

Are you looking for an inspirational story to tell your team, community or company? Schedule a speaking session with Khalil to learn more about Khalil’s inspirational story from the war zone to the soccer field to the hearts of thousands of survivors, and discover how his story can help ignite the passion and drive in your own community to pursue dreams. Contact Khalil today to set up your free 30-minute initial consultation

Personal Lifestyle Consulting

Watch as your world transforms with personalized, one-on-one lifestyle or business coaching with Khalil. Learn how to make courageous decisions, take action to make your lifelong dreams come true and live the life the dream of and deserve. Through his individualized step-by-step program, community of support and resource library, you will find your path, rebuild your life and discover your true purpose.


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Contact our team today to book your free initial 30-minute consultation with Khalil and learn how our services can inspire a breakthrough in your life.